My animals are more then just pets they are like family members to me.In fact; I don’t know if they need me more; or, if I need them more. My  two dogs are the light of my life because they are always doing something that is funny.In addition, they are a really a big help for my depression; especially, when I am really sad and lonely. One of  my dogs I have had for almost three years the other one is only about eight weeks old.In fact; we have not just got one but  two baby puppies because my brother decided to get her sister.


Baby Girl with Gizmo in the back.

I believe that a dog should be named according to the way it looks and how it acts. So this is the reason I named my dog Gizmo because to me she kind of reminds me of Gizmo off of the gremlins.With the way that the white comes down her face and also with her big pointy ears like Gizmo the Gremlin  also had. What do you think is not a cutie pie?


Gizmo my nine week old Chihuahua puppy

In addition; with the two puppies sometimes it is hard to sleep because it seems like at night is when they like to play the most.They love to chase each other on my bed and wrestle with each other.Although; they are just playing  they also love to try to bite my older dog Cody; which, he really does not find it funny.After they try biting  him he will  then growl a little bit  at them kind of like a warning to say,” hey stop that.” Then he will give me a look that makes me think that he is saying ” Good grief mom can’t you do something about these two little brats and make them behave.”


This is my little man Cody

Here is a picture of my little man Cody that was taken today  I have had him for  about three years.When I first received him as a gift  he was a year old and smaller then what he is now.I honestly don’t know what I would do without him because to me he is like my big baby. He is always around to cheer me up when I am depressed; or, if I  i don’t feel good he always knows.In addition; he is always their  when I am happy and cheerful and like all spoiled dogs he is always trying to be the center of attention.

In conclusion, my animals are family,best friends, and much more.If you are like me and think that your animal is also a part of your family then you can really understand the love and enjoyment that an animals can bring to your life.Also, you can understand  an animal is so much more then something to play with and love while they are young and then abandon when they get older. An animal is a lifetime commitment that needs to be treated as we would treat anyone that we truly care about with love and compassion.