I never noticed how hard it would be to build my blog. In fact, the main reason I decided to build a blog was because my ex had built him one and I felt a little dare like I could do mine better. So today I finaily got my host and domain site built now all I have to to is put my wordpress on it still not too sure what I want or have to talk about.

Guess I will figure it out sooner or later but hay at least I am learning a lot about how to but it all together today my biggest problem was getting my hosting and domain site connected after trying to do it on my own and instant messaging them I decided that I would get on the phone and keep bugging both companies until I was able to get done what I needed to get done.

I have realized having a good blog means being 30% determined, 30% working hard and 30% learning and 10% luck I guess.Because in order to have a good blog you have to be willing to put a Lot of work into it. To me it is like a full time job even though at this point I would say I am still a baby blogger since I only recently got serious with blogging.Even though I have a lot of ideals that I would like to blog about I have decided to blog about me and my crazy life that way I can actually blog about anything and everything and not worry about how am I going to be able to fit this and that into my blog.

Plus, I will  be able to see what does and does not work.Right now I am actually trying out what I should blog about in the next few weeks.If you have any ideals please send them my way.