Well, I hope everyone had a great holiday and enjoyed themselves.The reason that I have not been on here for a while is because my home computer went down at home.Thankfully my mother-in-law loaned me one until I am able to buy another laptop.

My plans this year is to blog more and hopefully start making money by blogging by the end of the year.In fact; three blog ideals that I would like to start doing sometime this year which  are generology, work-at-home, and crafting blogs.

The reason that I choose these three topics are because I have a very deep interest in all three of these subjects; in fact, I have been very interested in generalogy for the last three years and have done a lot of research on my  mother side. I have also helped other people with there searches into thier families because I believe that we can all learn from what are ancestores did in their life time and from their mistakes. In the upcoming year I am planning on doing more generalogy in my family and blog about what I am learning;such as,what did work, what did not work for me  and in addition what sites helped me the most in my upcoming seaches into my family.

In addition, to my geneorlogy blog that I want to start this year I also want to start a work-at-home blog; so, that I can be able to help people that are at a disadvantage either by physical, emotional, are some kind of blimmish on there background.I believe their is a lot of at home jobs that a lot of people do not know about that they could be able to do to help their families.In fact, there are a lot of mothers that would like to do both be their for thier families; also, be able to either support or help support their families. Plus, I believe that there will be many companies in the future that will start accomodating more workers that for some reason will need work that they can do from home.

In fact, their are many benifits for working at home both for the employee and the employer; such as,the employee benifites form working at home because their either little to no cost of going to work, no new exspensive work clothes, be able to set your own time to work, could be more productive at home due to anxities that could bother you in public.In addition, as the employer your employee might be able to do better job at what they are doing, don’t have to give the employee a place to work; since they are working at home.And they might not have to pay as many benifits, no over time, and may get a tax break for hiring disadvatange employees.

Finially, I want to start my own crafting blog because I love to make crafts for my family and friends.In addition, I also like to find new ideals and putting a new twist on it, so that it can be my own style. And this year I would like to find a way to start making more wreaths because that is one of my favorite crafting projects that I love to make. Plus, they are so easy to make and their are thousands of ways that you can make wreaths to decorate and make any room or door stand out.

Well I hope if you take the time to read this that you enjoy reading it. Just a little glimps of what I plan on doing this year in crazy jean world.