Yesterday, while I was at my doctor appointment I decided that I would try to write more; so that maybe writing I will be more easier for me.When I first started writing a few months ago I  picked a subject and have stuck with it but I am now deciding that I want to experiment with my writing, so I can see exactly what my  niche in writing is ,so that way I  can get comfortable writing.

I have decided that instead of staying at home all of the time I will get out their and experience life, on a budget that is. You would be amazed of how many cheap or free things that you can find to do.

I have also decided that I will get more involved in genealogy and maybe later start helping other people to trace their ancestry; also.Because where I live there are a lot of people who would like to find out if they are Native American; or not.

I have decided that I will start going back to my Choctaw language class; try to learn the language. Not only learn the language but also blog about my learning experiences.

I have decided that I would start reading more; also check and see if the library or college has any cheap or free things to participate in.

I have decided to learn how to teach an online frugal class and hopefully have one by the end of winter.

I have decided that I will find some kind of way to give back to my community, so how. Not sure exactly how I can do this one but I am sure if I get out and look then I will find someway to do this.

I have decided that I will find a way to make money to support my blogging habit by the end of  next year.

I have decided that I will start making crafts; especially wreaths, jewelry, and scrap booking again and maybe just maybe just start selling them to make a little extra cash so that I can financially support my blogging habits.

I have decided that I will live my life to the fullest.