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Dear Readers,

Today; I decided that I would come back to this site and start  blogging  again; since I started  blogging on my other site  at “My Crazy Jean World” I have been neglecting this site.And there are things that I would like to blog about that would not fit my other site.If you  would like to check out my other site you can here.

In addition; I have decided that I want to try to learn to do Virtual Assistance; which, I am sure that I can learn it; since I have learned how to be a pretty good blogger over the last few months.

I am even working on making my own pdf about ways to make money at home where I discuss  all the different ways that I have either made; or, I want to make money; in addition, what duties you will have to know and /or education.

Since I have left here I have also started doing affiliated links which I strongly  recommend doing this as soon as you start your blog.I think that at the present time I am not putting enough links in my blog; or, something because I am still not making money on this.Put I am hoping to in the near future. I also learned while I have been blogging on my other site is that you want at least have  five places that you can share your blog.I normally use more than  five, though.The five that I use are Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon,  Facebook (I have a page for this instead of using my personal Facebook), Tumblr, Google+.I also post a lot in facebook blogging groups; which, I really like doing because I am able  to interact with other bloggers.

Finiall, thing that I learned while I have been blogging on my other site is that you want at least five places that you can share your blog.I normally use more than  five, though.The five that I use are Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon,  Facebook (I have a page for this instead of using my personal Facebook), Tumblr, Google+.I also post a lot in facebook blogging groups; which, I really like doing because I  get to interact with other bloggers on Facebook.

Don’t forget to  remember to drop by and visit me at “My Crazy Jean World”.


The Love of an Animal

My animals are more then just pets they are like family members to me.In fact; I don’t know if they need me more; or, if I need them more. My  two dogs are the light of my life because they are always doing something that is funny.In addition, they are a really a big help for my depression; especially, when I am really sad and lonely. One of  my dogs I have had for almost three years the other one is only about eight weeks old.In fact; we have not just got one but  two baby puppies because my brother decided to get her sister.


Baby Girl with Gizmo in the back.

I believe that a dog should be named according to the way it looks and how it acts. So this is the reason I named my dog Gizmo because to me she kind of reminds me of Gizmo off of the gremlins.With the way that the white comes down her face and also with her big pointy ears like Gizmo the Gremlin  also had. What do you think is not a cutie pie?


Gizmo my nine week old Chihuahua puppy

In addition; with the two puppies sometimes it is hard to sleep because it seems like at night is when they like to play the most.They love to chase each other on my bed and wrestle with each other.Although; they are just playing  they also love to try to bite my older dog Cody; which, he really does not find it funny.After they try biting  him he will  then growl a little bit  at them kind of like a warning to say,” hey stop that.” Then he will give me a look that makes me think that he is saying ” Good grief mom can’t you do something about these two little brats and make them behave.”


This is my little man Cody

Here is a picture of my little man Cody that was taken today  I have had him for  about three years.When I first received him as a gift  he was a year old and smaller then what he is now.I honestly don’t know what I would do without him because to me he is like my big baby. He is always around to cheer me up when I am depressed; or, if I  i don’t feel good he always knows.In addition; he is always their  when I am happy and cheerful and like all spoiled dogs he is always trying to be the center of attention.

In conclusion, my animals are family,best friends, and much more.If you are like me and think that your animal is also a part of your family then you can really understand the love and enjoyment that an animals can bring to your life.Also, you can understand  an animal is so much more then something to play with and love while they are young and then abandon when they get older. An animal is a lifetime commitment that needs to be treated as we would treat anyone that we truly care about with love and compassion.

Building my Blog

I never noticed how hard it would be to build my blog. In fact, the main reason I decided to build a blog was because my ex had built him one and I felt a little dare like I could do mine better. So today I finaily got my host and domain site built now all I have to to is put my wordpress on it still not too sure what I want or have to talk about.

Guess I will figure it out sooner or later but hay at least I am learning a lot about how to but it all together today my biggest problem was getting my hosting and domain site connected after trying to do it on my own and instant messaging them I decided that I would get on the phone and keep bugging both companies until I was able to get done what I needed to get done.

I have realized having a good blog means being 30% determined, 30% working hard and 30% learning and 10% luck I guess.Because in order to have a good blog you have to be willing to put a Lot of work into it. To me it is like a full time job even though at this point I would say I am still a baby blogger since I only recently got serious with blogging.Even though I have a lot of ideals that I would like to blog about I have decided to blog about me and my crazy life that way I can actually blog about anything and everything and not worry about how am I going to be able to fit this and that into my blog.

Plus, I will  be able to see what does and does not work.Right now I am actually trying out what I should blog about in the next few weeks.If you have any ideals please send them my way.

Valentine Gifts

When you think of Valentine what are the first thoughts that come to your mind.For me I think back when I was a child and in school we always gave out the whole class including are teachers Valentine’s Cards similar to this one:


Then as time passes and we get older and start dating we normally look forward to a candle light dinner and a banquet of flowers.And of course almost every woman loves chocolate.


candle light dinner

Nice Romantic Night



Every woman loves the thought of receiving roses and a romantic Valentine’s card


chocalate candy

And who does not like chocolate every   now and then,especially for Valentine’s.

                                   Which one do you like to receive for Valentines?

My blog My life

In the last six months I have een blogging some more some less it just depends on if I have a computer or not.Here is a list of 10 reasons why I love blogging.

  1.  It gives me a way to keep track of my thoughts
  2. It gives me an outlet to let my emotions out
  3. I can meet new blogging friends
  4. It gives me a way to talk to other people that had or have the problems that I am going through with my blog.
  5. It can lead to other life experiences
  6. I can help other people that or going through what I have gone through
  7. Its Fun!!!!
  8. I can do it at home in my spare time to do it.
  9. I like that other people read what I write (sense of Pride)
  10. It gives me a way to get my voice heard

                 These are just a few reasons that I love to blog!!!!!

                         The ten goals  this year for blogging!!!

  1. I want to have my own blogging website that is actually getting views.
  2. I want to blog better and with a wider range of subjects
  3. I want to be grow my Pinterest site by having a proffesions blogging page
  4. I want to make some money with my blog
  5. I want people to actually pay attention to what I am writing
  6. I want people to like my blogs so much that they share it.
  7. I want to write my own ebook
  8. I want to learn how to design my blog site better
  9. I want to get feedback about my blog sites
  10. I like to get one of my blogs to be published by a blogging publishing company by the end of the year.

I hope you enjoy reading this fun little blog page. What are some of the goals that you would like to accomplish this year.

It’s Never too Late


Are you in your late 20’s,30’s,40’s or older and wished that you had went on to college to get a degree in something that you would really loved to do; instead, of being at that boring old job that you are at. Well, I am here to tell you that you can do this and more.Yes, you can go back to school to get your degree in that career that you always wanted.

In fact, their are actually benefits in going back to school that you might not have even thought about; such as, advancing to a higher level at your job, setting a good example for your children,achieving a dream of having a college degree,being able to start that new career that you have always wanted, and more.

By going back to college you will be able to learn the knowledge that you will need to know  in order to achieve a higher paying position in the company that you are working in.Maybe you are a secretary or a housekeeper and you would like to become a manager or business executive; but in order to achieve that you are going to have to go back to college; so that you are able to gain the knowledge that you will need in order to have that career you always wanted.

OK , OK I know what you are thanking all that would be good but how can I go back to school with so many responsibilities; such as, having to raise and  support my kids,having to work, and all of the of the other thousands of reasons why you don’t have time to go to college. But did you know that majority of colleges are now offering daycare on are near the campuses to help older students in returning back to college.Plus, with taking your children to the daycare that is on or near the campus they will be able to see what you are doing to help to improve their lives and yours; which, in return will help them a lot more then what you might be thinking because you will be teaching your children that it is never to late to reach your goal and dreams but also that all your hard work will pay off eventually.

In addition, a lot of colleges now have resources to be able to help you get a job on campus while your children our in the on campus daycare that majority of the colleges provide now. Plus, did you know that the workforce center will also help with either paying for your daycare or paying a percentage of your daycare. In fact, their are more programs now days to help non-traditional students with children then there ever has been before.Plus, their are a lot of grants and scholarships that only non-traditional students can receive.

Finally, their are so many reasons to go back to college;  why would you not go back to college? In summerizing, by going back to college you can benifit your life by being able to gain knowledge,money, diploma, and a better life for yourselve and your family.







My Review about UserTest Website


Today I will be reviewing UserTesting is a website that pays people money to navigate website owners websites and to give feed back about how easy or not so easy it is to navigate their site.In order to start working for them you have to allow them to download their files to your computer which I really did not like that.In addition, they also have you test your voice to make sure that everything is working.

After that they walk you through their program in order to give you detailed instructions about what they want and expect for you to do.This part was very simple and easy to do even though my computer kept coming unplugged from the internet.This would not be a good job if you have background noises, since you mainly need to do this in a quite room and it is also a good ideal to have a headset with a microphone on it. in addition, it can take up to a week to see if you qualify to be a Usertester; if you do qualify Usertester will send you an email telling you that you qualify.In addition, UserTesting has jobs that are posted daily to be able to do.

When you work for UserTesting you will get paid $10 for each completed test that you do on a computer and $15 dollars for each testing you do on a smartphone.And a test consists of a 20 minute recording and answering four follow-up written questions. Very rarely (less than 1% of the time), a client asks for a refund because they’re dissatisfied with the user. You don’t get paid when this happens. Payments are made daily for jobs completed seven days earlier.

In addition,It can take up to a week to see if you qualify to be a Usertester; if you do qualify Usertester will send you an email telling you that you qualify.In addition, UserTesting has jobs that are posted daily to be able to do but you have to be fast to grab these jobs; since, these jobs are taken up fast by other users trying to make money.

Overall, this site is a nice site to make some extra money but in no way would you be able to support yourself only by using this website.



A picture of depression

Well, tonight I am going to talk to you about depression a deadly but silent disease that  can go  years without being diagnosed.This is my story about how depression has affected my life since I was a teenager.

I first started having depression when I was eleven the year that my mom died.The cold hard truth is that I seriously dont know what or whom actually hurt my mom.I also did not know what to do with those deep depressing and hurtful feeling I was having; or,  if they were normal or not.So, for the longest time I learned how to hide my feelings and depressing thoughts I was having.In addition, I really did not have anyone to turn to  because my dad was not the type of person that felt comfortable talking to me about how I was feeling.

That was the first time that I remember becoming really depressed.At that time I dont think that I really knew what was happening to me; since, this had never happened to me before.I remember being this lost little girl that at the time  did not know who or where to turn for guidance.Not only did I loose my mom at this time I also lost myself.Who was I suppose to turn to now to talk to and ask queations about what was happening to my body,my emotions,and my hopes and  dreams.

As time rolled on and I got older I started noticing that I would cry at the slights thing that upsetted me. I did not really know how to handle it and my dad felt awkward when I cried in front of him; I guess he just did not know what to do.Plus, I felt embarresed because my dad would always act like he was really mad if I cried infront of him.

So I learned how to hide my feelings way deep inside, so far in side that I thought no one would ever find them.But they did not stay in side; in fact, my feels actually came out in a revenge toward everyone and anyone for a very long time.But if you could have been able to see into my emotional thoughts you would have been able to see that depressed little girl that I was back when my mom first died.That lost little girl that did not know where or whom to turn to in order to get help for how she was feeling.I guess that you can only hide your depression and hurt for so long that it will eventully come to the surface. And sometime when it does eventually come out it comes out in a rage.

I would not seek help for my depression until about three years ago when I finially hit bottom.Being abandon by my son’s father; inaddition, shortly after my dad dying really knocked me to my core.I actually ended up at a shelter before my dad died that is when I first started recieving help for my depression and going to some counsoling.But after he died I started going to once a month then to once a week. Now that I have been in  counsoling for over three years and going though a domestic violance class I have finially learned how to manage my depression a lot better.

In fact, I have actually learned how to walk away from an arguement which I used to not be able to do that would cause me to be even more depressed. Although, it is still sometimes heard to walk away from an argurement I have learned that if I do sometimes it is easier to deal with my depression.

So to sum this up what helps me best is to take my meds, try not to stress about everything,and seek help.For me seeking help was starting counsoling and taking a small dosage of depression meds.Remember just because you seek out help for depression does not mean you are week;in fact, it actually means you are braver then you think.


New Year New Beginnings

Well, I hope everyone had a great holiday and enjoyed themselves.The reason that I have not been on here for a while is because my home computer went down at home.Thankfully my mother-in-law loaned me one until I am able to buy another laptop.

My plans this year is to blog more and hopefully start making money by blogging by the end of the year.In fact; three blog ideals that I would like to start doing sometime this year which  are generology, work-at-home, and crafting blogs.

The reason that I choose these three topics are because I have a very deep interest in all three of these subjects; in fact, I have been very interested in generalogy for the last three years and have done a lot of research on my  mother side. I have also helped other people with there searches into thier families because I believe that we can all learn from what are ancestores did in their life time and from their mistakes. In the upcoming year I am planning on doing more generalogy in my family and blog about what I am learning;such as,what did work, what did not work for me  and in addition what sites helped me the most in my upcoming seaches into my family.

In addition, to my geneorlogy blog that I want to start this year I also want to start a work-at-home blog; so, that I can be able to help people that are at a disadvantage either by physical, emotional, are some kind of blimmish on there background.I believe their is a lot of at home jobs that a lot of people do not know about that they could be able to do to help their families.In fact, there are a lot of mothers that would like to do both be their for thier families; also, be able to either support or help support their families. Plus, I believe that there will be many companies in the future that will start accomodating more workers that for some reason will need work that they can do from home.

In fact, their are many benifits for working at home both for the employee and the employer; such as,the employee benifites form working at home because their either little to no cost of going to work, no new exspensive work clothes, be able to set your own time to work, could be more productive at home due to anxities that could bother you in public.In addition, as the employer your employee might be able to do better job at what they are doing, don’t have to give the employee a place to work; since they are working at home.And they might not have to pay as many benifits, no over time, and may get a tax break for hiring disadvatange employees.

Finially, I want to start my own crafting blog because I love to make crafts for my family and friends.In addition, I also like to find new ideals and putting a new twist on it, so that it can be my own style. And this year I would like to find a way to start making more wreaths because that is one of my favorite crafting projects that I love to make. Plus, they are so easy to make and their are thousands of ways that you can make wreaths to decorate and make any room or door stand out.

Well I hope if you take the time to read this that you enjoy reading it. Just a little glimps of what I plan on doing this year in crazy jean world.

The ten things that I like to do in my spare time and why

The ten things that I  like to do in my free time:

  • Blog
  • read books
  • learn how to do new things
  • make wreaths
  • spend time with my family
  • genealogy
  • Pinterest
  • spend time with my dog
  • exercise
  • making crafts

And the reason that I like these ten things are because:

Blogging helps me to have something to do not just something to do but it lets me get all of my emotions and feelings out in the open and blogging is really, really fun to do and you can write about any and everything.All you need to do is to start writing; in additional, the more I write the easier that it gets and the better my writing gets. I honestly did not think when I first started writing that it would be so easy to write but the more I do it the easier that it comes to writing.

Reading books helps me to be able to learn new things; in addition, it helps me to also learn how to do the things that I am doing easier.Not only that reading also gives me a way to escape reality sometimes when all I need is just a long needed break after having a week that has been very stressful .Not only that reading can also get you into a very good mood or really any mood that is.

Learning new things is one thing that I really liked to do because not only do I learn new things I also learn how to improve the things that I really like doing.For instance; I really like making crafts so I have been reading a lot of web posts and blogs about how to make different crafts. I also have been studying different ways to be able to make better blogs, since I want to be a writer or blogger one day that makes good.

Another, thing that I like to do is make wreaths even though  I have not been able to do this here recently because of  my finances being so low here lately.But thankfully within the next few months I am hoping to pick this hobby back up soon. When I make wreaths its gives me an opportunity to create something from scratch and to make it the way that I want it took either good or bad.And plus it helps me to be able to take my mind off of things which helps keep my stress down.

One of my favorite things is spending time with my children and my brother because it never seems like we never get enough time to spend with each other because of the busy life that we live.

Genealogy is also another one of my favorite things to do because it is so interesting to see how are ancestries lived and see what they did before are time.I also like doing genealogy because I can see exactly where my family came from also.

Pinterest is my favorite website to surf because I can learn new and exciting things to do; also I can find ways to improve on the things that I am already doing. It is also a good site to find new ways to make money on; also to see what other people are pinning online and to get in contact with other pinners.

Spending time with my dog Cody is also one of my favorite things to do because he always loves me back more than I could ever love him.Especially; when I am sad or depressed he seems to always know and is always trying to make me fill better.

Another, is that i like to exercise when I am feeling depressed because it seems to make me feel better when I am done exercising and I am hoping eventually I am hoping to lose wait and start looking and feeling better.

Lastly, but not least I like to make other crafts just to see if I will like make them;also, be able to give my friends and family something personal that I have made for them/

Well; this a list of ten things I like to do and why I like to do them.